Monday, November 10, 2008

Majestic Power

Following on from my trips to photograph preserved steam locomotives, I've just completed this painting of the "Duchess of Sutherland" one of Sir William Staniers most pwerful locomotive designs. Shown here in her old LMS livery of crimson and looking magnificent.


I have a hospital trip scheduled for later this week for a minor operation on my hand, so I don't expect I shall be painting for a bit, have to see how it goes I guess.


DW Quilt Art said...

Hi Ken, this is so cool...I can't wait to spend more time reading about your steam chasing adventures. I know next to nothing, but my hubby would go nuts to be able to see these trains! How very cool! Diane (dwsewbiz)

DEB said...

Your love of these engines really shines through in your work, Ken! Well done! DEB a.k.a. Artshtick

DEB said...

Good luck with your operation Ken!