Saturday, December 22, 2007

Celebrating Christmas

It seems my artwork is in demand, other people have been asking to buy prints of  "Moonlight Anchorage" and I have therefore put this up on ebay together with some other prints Click Here to take a look. I may get the opportunity to put some more up, but what with the usual pandemonium for Christmas, and I still have presents to wrap! not much painting being done, as well as anything else.

I hope you all enjoy the celebrations and not forget the real reason for the season.

I've been watching the birds in the garden during the recent cold weather and got these shots of a couple of them. Perhaps this Robin is a refugee from a Christmas card. (c)

This is a Goldfinch resplendent in his flashy plumage, I seem to be spending a small fortune on bird seed at the moment!


Sunday, December 16, 2007

Safely delivered

Well the painting of Aysgarth Falls has been safely delivered to the new owners, I hope it gives them as much pleasure as it has to me in the five years that I have had it hanging in my dining room. The trip to deliver it gave me an opportunity to try out a SatNav system that I won at auction on Tazbar the soft spoken lady seemed to have a different idea to me as to what would be the best route when I programmed in the destination the night before. So, I only turned it on when I was at the bottom of the M3, a bit later on she kept trying to get me to turn off, obviously trying to get me to use the A3, she tried again on a couple of exits near Staines and a couple of times on the M40. I did however let her have her wicked way with me as we got near the destination, and have to confess it was a lot easier with her dulcet tones telling me to go left and right and found my destination with ease, shame it doesn't sort out an empty parking spot though.

The day before, I had a van driver back into my car, fortunately not a lot of damge, but his comment, "I saw you, but thought you had gone" was priceless! I guess sorting that out this week, will scupper my painting plans, then it's Christmas, aah well, will get the brushes wet again soon I hope.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Aysgarth Falls Yorkshire

I have just sold this painting of the famous beauty spot in Yorkshire. It was the largest painting I have done to date measuring 48"x20". I was eaten alive by midges whilst at the location, it being late evening. The sun was just kissing the tops of the trees on the other side f the river so, I took some reference photographs and escaped to the safety of the car, completing the painting later when I returned home.

I am a little sad to see it go as it has given me much pleasure hanging in my dining room for some time before I listed it for sale. I have of course other paintings which can be seen on my website

Aysgarth Falls Yorkshire (c)

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Happy clients

The clients who commissioned the watercolour of the Nubble Lighthouse called today to collect their painting. This is the fourth one that they have commissioned from me and have now just moved ahead, in the highest numbers of my paintings owned list!

Spent some time tidying up the studio this week, after some prompting ( no dear I know you don't nag ) from the wife. Also spent some time trying to get some memory for the PC, which is now installed. I wonder if I could get some extra memory.