Friday, November 21, 2008

A hospital trip and a new painting

Following a visit to my doctor I was referred to the local hospital for the removal of a skin cancer. Unfortunately this was on my brush hand so a partially completed painting had to wait until a couple of days ago before it could be resumed. As with most things there is always a plus side and it has excused me from dishwashing duties for the time being.

This is the painting, of a Great Western Railway pannier tank locomotive running alongside the River Dart in Devon. This is from a photograph I took of the scene about twenty years ago.


I have the stitches removed from my hand next Thursday,and I'm hoping they will finish in time for me to go and photograph a Gresley A4 Pacific locomotive that will be running a steam special that day.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Majestic Power

Following on from my trips to photograph preserved steam locomotives, I've just completed this painting of the "Duchess of Sutherland" one of Sir William Staniers most pwerful locomotive designs. Shown here in her old LMS livery of crimson and looking magnificent.


I have a hospital trip scheduled for later this week for a minor operation on my hand, so I don't expect I shall be painting for a bit, have to see how it goes I guess.