Friday, August 29, 2008

A busy week

Well it's been a busy couple of weeks, trying to shake off a rather persistent cough made setting up for an exhibition over the Bank Holiday weekend rather hard going. However it was successful with three sales, and followed up this week with a succesful day out to obtain some photographs of a steam locomotive 'Duchess of Sutherland'. It was quite fun chasing it theough the Oxfordshire countryside and trying to obtain a suitable viewpoint, so hopefully the results will feature in a future painting. The rest of the day was spent visiting Buscot Park an old stately home that is the location of four famous Rose series paintings by Edward Burne Jones.

This is one of the train photographs

Thursday, August 07, 2008

A Jack Russell commissioned painting

Had some good news on Tuesday I have sold two of my paintings from the Summer Exhibition, have been busy this week working on a commission, a totally new subject for me so quite a challenge. When I emailed the image to the client, she said it made her cry, so it sounds like I've managed to capture the character of her much loved pet.