Friday, November 02, 2007

A Demonstration

Started the week with a demonstration for the Hythe Art Society, I allowed what I thought was plenty of time for travel so I could have half an hour to set up and gather my thoughts. Ran into a huge traffic jam on the Motorway and had only travelled 10 miles in forty minutes, panic mode one. Arrived with five minutes to spare so felt a bit harrassed, but soon got into the swing of things. There was a larger audience than I was expecting, around 40/50, has news of my fame preceded me I wondered.

Trying to do my style of painting in a couple of hours is impossible, but I left them with a flavour of seascape painting and some tips on the way I work. I also took along a few of my marine paintings for them to see some examples, these can be seen on my website.

This was the painting I did, it's still in its unfinished state, I shall work on it again after I finish the commission I am currently working on.

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