Monday, June 18, 2007

Only two days to go to SS2BM !

Well it is only two days to go before the SS2BM 'Summer Solstice to Blue Moon' St.Elsewhere promotion. What is all this you may ask. About a year ago an increasing number of sellers on ebay were unhappy at the failure to deal with fraud and scams, the eventual outcome has been a dramatic rise in the viability of alternative auction sites that have acquired the nickname "St. Elsewheres"

Many people may not think to go anywwhere else except eBay, well here is the good news, there are plenty of alternatives and this promotion is to draw attention to the buying public, that there are plenty of bargains to be had at these alternative sites.

Just type SS2BM into Google to find thousands of links. I have listed my items on eBid and Tazbar but apart from artwork you never know what other delightful bargains you may find.

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